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The Ros Report 2020

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Hope this message finds you healthy, happy, and safe, despite the challenges we face--a worldwide pandemic, the fight for social justice, and political upheavals. Through my work, I continue to send a message of optimism and creativity as a response to these provocative events. My art was on display despite the coronavirus in numerous venues, and the year was packed with gratifying activities. I am grateful for the support and love I received throughout the year. My first thought was that the shutdown was going to bring cultural work to a halt. This was not the case, as opportunities streamed in to address what was happening around us. That is why I call 2020 the year of revelations, as humanity’s better side was shown, and its evil side was also exposed.

Photo by Michael Palma Mir “The Quell,” 2020 Acrylic on scrim

“The Quell,” 7’x9’, was part of the Appropriated Intentions artist actions For the Love of Art curated by Alexis Mendoza this fall at Fort George Hill in New York City. This artwork standing against racism was influenced by Keith Haring, with whom I had worked with in the Eighties, Philip Guston, and Jean Michel Basquiat.

“El Reggaetón del Bachatero,” 2010 Etching aquatint print with Chine Colle The Smithsonian American Art Museum, in Washington, D.C., has mounted the exhibition ¡Printing the Revolution!, which includes my print “El Reggaetón del Bachatero”, 11”x15”. This print is part of Manifestaciones, the first portfolio by the printmaking collective Dominican York Proyecto Grafica (DYPG), of which I am a founding member. On view through August 8, 2021, the exhibition is organized by E. Carmen Ramos, acting chief curator and curator of Latinx art at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, with Claudia E. Zapata, curatorial assistant for Latinx art. This amazing exhibition is accompanied by a brilliant catalog of images with essays by art historians E. Carmen Ramos, Terezita Romo, Tatiana Reinoza, and Claudia E. Zapata.

“Whirlin’: Mindful Home”

Don’t Let Your Guard Down”

Pause On”

SODIS” Drawings for a New Reality is a series of concept drawings made in 2020 at the start of the pandemic in response to the COVID-19 crisis. I chose a black paper notebook, symbolizing the dark time we are in, and red pencil, which symbolizes my emotional response, to create these drawings of the moment. I have found this activity immensely helpful in coping with this extreme phenomenon.

”Grancombo”, 2020 collaborative sculpture by ArteLatAm Artists Collective, 6.5’x2’x2’ Moses Ros, Diego Anaya, Pablo Caviedes, Carlos Torres Machado, Hermann Mejía, & Naivy Pérez

“One Way” exhibit by ArteLatAm at Abrazo Interno Gallery, Clemente Center, New York City

As a member of the artists’ collective ArteLatAm, I participated in the One Way exhibition 2020, assisted by curator Graciela Kartofel in the Abrazo Interno Gallery at the Clemente Center, New York City. This exhibition of sculptures, paintings, prints, installation, and mobiles addressed the experiences of people from Latin America and the Caribbean compelled to venture away from their native countries to escape extreme danger and hardship and search for safety and opportunity. We collaborated on our first collective sculpture, “Gran Combo”, and featured the Deriva portfolio, a way of expressing cooperation and unity in these divisive times.

My individual artworks were the mobile/collage “Viajeros”, 4’x8’x8’ and the woodcarving/print installation “Corazón Puro”, 6’x8’, protruding 6”. We presented an artists’ talk via Zoom, hosted by the curator, Angela Garcia, and had a “meet the artists night” --social distancing, of course. A significant endeavor was creating a three-dimensional virtual tour of the exhibition to facilitate viewing this extraordinary show during the pandemic.

This is the link to the tour:

“LOVE SUPREME”, 2020 Acrylic on paper “Love Supreme”, 12’x18’ is a window installation at Fordham Plaza in the Bronx, New York. It is part of the exhibition that address racism titled Black Lives, Black Matters, curated by Laura James. The message of this artwork, designed as a high-end boutique shop for Black Lives Matter, is that it is a luxury to live without fear in America.

“Rebirth of Our Nation”, 2020 Linoleum print

“Rebirth of Our Nation”, 2020, 18”x12”, is a linoleum print, monoprint rolled on acid-free Thai Banana paper, part of the Dream Deferred portfolio (edition of 35). Thirty-two established artists contributed to this portfolio.

With this print, I hope to inspire a dialogue that can unlock the full potential of our country. This artwork is my answer to the question Langston Hughes asks in his poem “Harlem”--What happens to a dream deferred? Well, it erupts like a volcano to expose the truth. The kneeling figure with the raised fist signals that it is time for justice and equal rights. The burst of energy he generates demolishes the dates of slavery and racial oppression. “Class” can no longer be a barrier to a disenfranchised people but must become an economic engine. “Power” is the base from which people rise to demand justice. There is love in this struggle. The figure bares his heart and soul to empower all to action. Black Lives Matter!

This print is included in the Dream Deferred portfolio organized by Geoff Sciacca from Samford University Art Gallery in Alabama, where the portfolio was exhibited and exhibited at the Blanc Gallery in Chicago. I was invited by Chicago artist René Arceo to participate in this collective portfolio.

“Mannahatta”, 2020 Acrylic on transit map with collage, 40”x30”

An Appropriated Intentions artwork, “Mannahatta,” for the Decolonized Investments public action organized by Pablo Caviedes, was display at Inwood Park in New York City this summer. This artwork recalls the spirit of the native inhabitants of Manhattan before the colonization.

“Rebirth of Our Nation”, 2020, Acrylic on wood, 8’x4’

“Rebirth of Our Nation” is a painting addressing Black Lives Matter for the group exhibition Black Is Beautiful: From Carlos Cooks to COVID-19 at the Sugar Hill Museum in Harlem, New York City. This artwork was commissioned by the Rio Galleries of Broadway Housing Communities under the curatorship of Ana-Ofelia Rodriguez, the directorship of Ellen Baxter, with the support of Manon Slone and Eve Moros Ortega of the Plywood Project. The exhibition was reviewed by Architectural Digest: The Plywood Project Link:

“Heart Jack Vibes, Hip Hop Joker, Bling Diamond,” woodcut chine collé prints

In early March 2020, Full Deck, a print portfolio based on playing cards, 7”x5.5” each, was presented by artist members at Manhattan Graphics Center, New York City.

“Supernaturalmente”, Linoleum chine colle print, 20”x20” “Supernaturalmente,” was exhibited in early March at OPEN Center for the Arts, Chicago. This artwork is part of the Water/Agua collective portfolio print publication commissioned by René Arceo and was previously exhibited in Casa de la Cultura de Durango, in Durango, Mexico last year.

Workshop at Cultural Center Tahuandos, Ibarra, Ecuador

I participated with the artists’ collective ArteLatAm in the sdcphmrmsmgn exhibition in January 2020 in the Centro Cultural El Curatal, Ibarra, Ecuador. We also presented lectures to university and high school students. In addition, I presented a lecture and workshop at the Cultural Center Tahuandos in Ibarra.

“Atlas Takes a Knee for Earth”, Street mural on plywood

Artists were invited to paint plywood panels installed on storefronts after they were damaged by looters in New York City’s Soho. “Atlas Takes a Knee for Earth” expresses the burden of blackness in the world.

Hoy newspaper, the Areito Section, featured an insightful article written by art critic Delia Blanco, titled, “Moses Ros: Una Poetica Visual,” December 19, 2020

Your interest in my work is greatly appreciated and, as always, best wishes for the year moving forward! Please share The Ros Report with those who may enjoy my artwork. May peace and unity reign.

Moses Ros

Visual Artist

Instagram: moses_ros

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